The fortune-telling temple, Chion Temple, Amanohasidate

Wanna see the wisdom of your life?

So, this is the continuation of the last story where i and my friends went to Amanohasidate. 😀 

There we went to a temple too, which called Chion Temple/知恩寺.

The temple houses one of Japan’s Three Important Statues of Monju Bosatsu, the Buddhist god of wisdom and intellect. As such, students and other visitors come to the temple to pray for both wisdom and academic and personal success. They purchase special fortunes (Omikuji) shaped like folding fans, which many people leave hanging from pine trees all around the temple grounds. Other important structures around the temple are a large entrance gate and a two-story tahoto style pagoda which was built in the 1500s and is the oldest structure on the temple grounds. Chionji is also the site of the tomb of Izumi Shikibu, a famous female poet from the Heian Period (710-1185).The Tahoto Pagoda that stands on the temple grounds is a National Important Cultural Property and enshrines a statue of the dainichi nyorai who is the Buddha believed to be the creator of all life.

But hey, if you want to know more about the history of this place, you may find it in the google, cuz here, i wont share about the historical thing 😆 . I will just share to you guys, what i did there. lol

The place itself is not that far from the village that we went, it actually inside the village. Just walk a little bit deeper and you will see the temple in front of you.


In here you will find a lot of fan shape fortunes or Omikuji, hanging on the branch of the tree. You may bring it back home if you want tho. No, kidding , you dont, 😆 thats a crime, STOP lol. But you may bring back your own Omikuji after you get it. 😎 

Oke then lets go to the fortune telling. lol, if you believe. But if you don’t, yea just make it as an experience, right?

If you want to do some fortunetelling, prepare 10 Japanese Yen and 300 Japanese Yen. 😎 Well it is not free apparently 😆 

First put the 10 Yen into the 10 Yen box, take some incense like stick and set the tip of it to the fire, then put the stick into its place.
Second, ring the bell, then pray. 🙂 
Third, on your left, it will be omikuji box, fill 300 Yen into its place and you can choose your omikuji, well its like taking a lottery. And tadaaa, you get your fortune Omikuji. If you cant read Japanese, well you can see only the Big Word. If it written 大吉 then it is very good, followed by 中吉 and 小吉.

Come and do it yourself, it was nice as an experience.

Here is my previous blog, about Amanohasidate.

Byee for now, Hopers!