Hidden treasure behind Mt. Arasiyama. Kiyotaki waterfall, Kyoto


Many of you come to Kyoto especially to Visit Arasiyama, and thats it. Despite you might never knew what lies inside that Mountain, you just visit the Bamboo Forest, right? 😎 That is why in this blog i will share with you my experiences when i and my Japanese friend, we explore the Mountain to see the treasure hidden in there. 😉 

The Kiyotaki or in Japanese written 清滝 , a beautifull waterfall in the mountain.

How to Get there

Actually there is a bus that will take you half the road, if you take the bus from Arasiyama Kouen.
Or you can go there  from Kyoto station (or Nijo staton on the JR Sanin line) by bus number 8, which takes about 45 minutes, with Takao as the destination. 

But, this time we didn’t go there by Bus, we walked from Arasiyama Station.  lol. I just wanna try my feet. 😆 Its kinda tiring because of the weather was really really hot, but at the other hand, it was really fun. 😎 

For one who like to hike, i bet this place is the one that you guys look for. If you come by bike, there will be a place to put your bike, because you cant ride bike to see the waterfall, the road it just not for bike.

For walk from Arasiyama Station maybe you need 4 hours :mrgreen: until arrive at the waterfall.

The road to the waterfall

I will not lie, the road is just spectacles, i mean, yea it is forest, a wood forest, but i is beautiful.

there are many things that you will see if you go there by foot. These view i took while we walked.

Oke, almost forget, this time i was being accompanied by my Japanese friend, which dont want his name to be written here, lol. Well typical Japanese. But here he is. 😎 

We became friend when i was jogging around Arasiyama and took some rest, when he say “are you okey?“ well he thought i was drunk and passed there, which i was not 😳 . from there, we become friend. And this time, he wants to show me the waterfall, so we went there.

Well, enough with the interruption 😆

And after some walk, you will find a tunnel. which is you a quiet long one, and even it crazy hot outside, you will find it really cool inside.


If you choose to go by Bus. you will stop here

Nice view isn’t it? From here you really have to walk, because there is no bus until the waterfall.

And from here it is literally a wood forest.

Yea, it is river and forest. Please take your time to my galleries.

Here some videos to complete my adventure.

From my own video

The Waterfall

at Last, for about 3 or 4 hours walking, we finally arrived.

I present for you. Kiyotaki (清滝). 😎 

It was a really really fun adventure, thanks to my friend that take me here. 😉 

ありがとう、サンキュー 😎 

Almost forget my glasses here tho, 最低 😎

Byee for now, see you in my next adventure.

By Elfboy.