Play with deer in Nara Park, Nara


You can touch them, play with them, sit with them, sleep with them, take as many picture as you want with them. 😎 

So, hey guys, back with me again, Elf boy. This blog is about my adventure to Nara Park, Nara-Japan. My destination here was actually just Nara Park and play with the famous Nara’s Deer but also end up entered the Nara National Museum.

Nara Park

So, Nara Park or 奈良公園/Nara Kouen. it is must see areas in Nara city, well you cant actually missed it because it is near to the main road. It is a large park in the centre of Nara covering about 660 hectares, which is a home to hundreds freely deer. 😀 

The deer themselves is considered as the messenger of the Gods,  and have been registered as Natural treasure, that is why the deer become the symbol of the city itself 🙂 .

If you want to get closer to the deer they provide you with deer cracker or deer senbei/せんべい。Well even if i said they provide you, but you have to pay for the crackers 😉 , if i don’t forget it was about 150 Japanese Yen. Nara’s deer are very tame and some of them even can bow to you if they are asking for the cracker.

Don’t do some bad things or disturb them or they can be aggressive. 😐 , just don’t tease them.

This is some pictures that i took for you guys. please take your time in Elfboy galleries , 😎


The picture upside is inside the Nara’s Station. As i said before, they really make the deer as the symbol of the city. 🙂 

As you can see, the park itself is really beside the main road, you will find it 5 minutes walk from the Kintetsu Nara’s Station. You cant missed it.


Here are some pictures i took when i played with them, of course with my friends Wahyu and Safuru. If they smell that you bring some deer cracker, they will come to you, its kinda scary but fun at the same time 😆 . Some time i have to pushed them away because they were too close. 😀 

Nara National Museum

In Japanese written as 奈良国立博物館/Nara Kokuritsu Hatsubtsukan, which is located in the Nara Park. If you go and meet the deer you will not missed this place.

This is the place, fortunately there were not may people there so i cant take this picture, freely. For you guys. lol. But this is not the entrance of the Museum, it is in the back of this building. lol.

This Museum primarily displays Japanese Buddhist Art. There are two main building in this Museum, one for the Buddhist Statues and one for the Painting, Scrolls and Ceremonial object, which is mainly form Japan. Both building is connected with an underground pass.

This is the ticket to the Museum, it is three because there were three of us. 😆 With one ticket you can see around both Museum. It was 800 Japanese Yen for one person. Oh yea, and English explanation is available so don’t worry. It was actually Chinese too, if im not mistaken. Sorry if i do. 🙄 

So, What is actually inside the museum you ask? 😀 

Sorry, but we are prohibited to take any kind of picture or video inside the building. Except, there is a place which displaying some Chinese art, we are permitted to take picture here. hmmmmm, i dont know why but maybe they just protect the main statue or other Japanese arts. 😉 

So here is the room where we are permitted to take picture,!!

These art is mainly Chinese arts. For people who like these kind of arts, i really recommended this Museum. It is so big and you inside you can see huge statue from Japanese old period.

This picture i took in front of the second building which display many scrolls, paintings, and musical instruments.


For hours, it is open at 9:30 until 17:00. It actually longer if you come on Friday, Saturday or some other special day. 😎 You might have to enter 30 minutes before the museum is closed because it actually take like 30 minutes to see all arts in those two buildings. 😉 


This museum will closed on Monday. So please be careful when you want to go.


As i said above, it is about 800 yen.  The price might changes annually. maybe, not know for sure.

How to get to Nara Park and the Museum

15 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara Station or 30 minutes from JR Nara station.

The address itself is

50 Noborioji-Cho, Nara 630-8213

For Dial

From japan : 050-5542-8600

And from outside Japan : (81) 50-5542-8600

Yup, this time its just right here, wait for my next story …..

As always, here is the Video for you guys.

Byeeeeee, ciaaaoooo