Gaze the beautifulness of Bamboo Forest, Arasiyama-Kyoto


Arashiyama is one of the most important sightseeing place in Kyoto, well in my opinion at least. You may find the place filled with temples and shrines and a lot of shops for merchandise.  But the main attraction here is the famous Bamboo Groves which is located in the back of the place.


This is the picture of Arasiyama Bamboo Groove that i took early in the morning when there is not so many tourist there, in fact, it was only me and my friends 😆 lol and when it becomes a little bit clearer when the sun was high. Really peaceful and beautiful. 😳 

So, Arasiyama or in Japanese they will write as 嵐山 which means Storm Mountain, 😯 is located far west of Kyoto district. A very popular sightseeing place when it comes to Cherry Blossom in Spring and Momiji in Autumn. As what i said before, it is located far west from Kyoto city so you will need Bus, or train or Taxi (well if you come and prepare a lot of, you know, money lol 😆 ) you can arrive there.

I will tell you guys how to go there at the last part of my story here. Now, I’m just gonna share my story. 

 😉 If you want to know more about Arasiyama, or the historical story of it, i think i wont satisfy you guys here. 🙄 You can find that on Wikipedia. Here

But if you want to read and see pictures that i took there, and read my story, this blog will satisfy you. mmm maybe, i hope so, 😎 

So here is the situation of the Arasiyama Train Station

Not really different from any other train station in Kyoto

And when the night come, it will turn to be like this guys,

Yea, they put some nice light there.

Yes, Thats me lol

There are a lot of places that you can visit here in Arasiyama like the Tenryuji Temple, Jojakkoji Temple, Gioji Temple, yea and many more, but in this blog, i will just show you guys around The Bamboo Groove.

Getting to Arashiyama

Up is the famous Togetsu-kyo Bridge / 渡月橋

well, there is a lot of things here that you can see before you enter the Bamboo Grove. There are a lot of shop here. And i think macha or green tea flavor ice cream 😀 is very common here, because you sen see it everywhere. 😆 

Here is some pictures i got inside the Bamboo Groves Arasiyama.


There are some spot here that is really a good place for taking pictures. So come and find your spot. 😎 

And when you get out from the groves, next destination is waiting.

You will find a garden, which will lead you to the top of the mountain to get another spot for taking pictures.


Yup, from here you can see the other side of the mountain. And the river below you.

When we done here, down from the mountain side and head to the river below you.

Sadly it was rain one day before we came here 🙁 , so the river water was not really clean. But if you come at the right time, you can rent canoe there. 😎 

Last, enjoy a video just for you 😎 


Oke then, after look at my Galleries, you might think like, What is this? a blog or a gallery? 😆 hahaha. Either both is fine, as long as you are happy seeing and reading it, i am happy 😎 . And, i bet you guys really wanna come and see with your own eyes, right.? 😀 

So i already find some route for you guys, How to get here:

First, Come to Japan, Kyoto, lol. oke that is a joke, but technically its true, you need to come here.
Go by JR or Hankyuu Line (Train)

JR from Kyoto Station. Take the JR Sagano to Saga-Arasiyama Station.

By Hankyu Line

Hankyu Line if you come from Osaka or Kawaramachi-Kyoto, go to and get off at Katsura Station and take the Hankyu Arasiyama Line to Arasiyama Station. You still need to walk from the station if you wanna go to the Bamboo Groove tho.

Next is by Bus.

Take Kyoto city Bus number 28 and get off at Arasiyama Tenryuji Mae/ 嵐山天龍寺前. i think it will be about half an a hour, and cost abour 230 Yen.


Or you can go By Taxi. Which will cost you more, but it will drop you right in front of the entrance of the Bamboo Groove.

If you want to have a night at Arasiyama, here i can provide you with some of my personal recommendation hotel lol.


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I think my galery blog for this time is already finised, for now. I will preapare again another galleries for you.

I am ElfBoy annddd chiaoooooooooo. see you ..