Wanna see the dragon fly to the sky? Amano hasidate, Kyoto-Japan!!


Do you want to see dragon flying high to the sky..?? In this place, well, they say you can, so i went there.

Well, hello there, Hope you are always healthy and Happy wherever you are.

Soooo, my blog here is a little bit different, cuz i don’t use such an formal way to share my experiences. I’ll just go with my own style. 😎 

Last time i went to a place which people say that you might can see a dragon flying soaring to the sky.wow 🙄 And my question when i heard that is, Is dragon really exist now? 😕 then i decided to went there, with my friends. 😎 

I’m afraid if i go alone the dragon will take me so i took my friends with me lol. 😆 

Okay, so this place called 天橋立/Amanohasidate, located in Miyazu Bay in northern Kyoto Prefecture.

You can see pathway in the picture here, that is your Amanohasidate.


The 天橋立/Amanohashidate  is a beautiful, a three kilometer long isthmus that spans the mouth of Miyazu Bay in northern of Kyoto Prefecture. Amanohashidate is translated to bridge in heaven, and it is said that the sandbar resembles a meandering pathway connecting heaven and earth when it is viewed from the mountains at either end of the bay.

Or it can be looked like the form of a dragon flying to the sky. yeah, sorry, 😕 it is not the real dragon anyway, it is the beautiful pathway that form like a dragon. Cant see the real dragon, but this one is also amazingly beautiful.  This famous view has been admired for centuries, and is counted among Japan’s three scenic view alongside Miyajima and Matsushima. I think next i will go to these two places too. 😎 

  So, let the story begin. I live in Kyoto, so we went there by car. The thing here, is Today it was told to be rainy day. Oh God. But yeah, rain cant stop us so we go.. lol 😆 

First went to the hill-like place, and we have to go up by a skytrain-like train 😕 , like a gondola, but it is train. The train is not that long, i think it is just for 15 people maybe. Here, they have to ways to go up to the hill, the first one is the train, and the second one is like a flying chair. You sit on the chair and it will bring you up. But, unfortunately it was rain, and plus because of the new virus (you know what i mean lol), it was closed, i wanted to ride one tho. 👿

So, when you come here, it is the same like in the other train station which you have to buy the ticket. Like in the picture. Not too much, but not that cheap either, well it is a tourist spot by the way. i think it was 680 Japanese Yen for the Sky train or Gondola round trip.

On the top of the hill, you can see the view, which is shown when you search Amanohasidate in Mr.Google. It was amazing because the pathway connecting the two places, along the sea. 

And in this place you, they say if you want to see a dragon soaring to the sky you have to do stand at a place, which is already prepared, bent down your body and you have to see it between your feet. like in the picture. 😎 

I honestly don’t get it, because i didn’t see anything like a dragon, 😎 well it is the pathway looks like a dragonny , 😎 lol. Yeah, maybe because it was raining so, yeah,,,,, but overall, it was a nice view from up there.

And of course we also went to the other side of the pathway too. 😎 

Sorry we didn’t went through the pathway because it was raining, 🙄 so we went there by car. 😀 This place is like a village, and a lot of restaurant and souvenir shop.

Welcome to the Amanohasidate Village,.

well you can see the weather here? Oh God. :mrgreen: But it didn’t stop us what so ever, lol. goooooo 😆 

Ouch , So cute right,? they also wearing a mask. 😆 

So, we walk until we arrived at the beginning or the end of the pathway, depend on where you start.

So, this is the bridge, you can walk thru this bridge from this point,  you will arrive at the place where you ride the sky train.

One more, this bridge will be up when a ship is going bellow the bridge. Sadly i didn’t get the chance to see it 😕 . Maybe next time

yea, after this we stop at a restaurant and we had our lunch.

This is a really interesting place, but now because of the virus, fewer tourist come here, so some restaurant was closed and, some souvenir were also less than what it should be.

You can try to come here, it is recommended. And don’t forget to check the weather key? lol. And if you have time, walk thru the pathway. I will do that someday too. Or maybe we can go there together? just let me know.

Here is my next story after eat the luch, feel free to check. 😎 


Bye for nowwww..