Gaze the beauty Kobe Port, Kobe

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. 😉 

Is a quote that i like, from Robert Wyland. You know, whenever we see the ocean, i just have the feeling of freedom, happiness, sadness, motivation, its all becomes one, and help me to go through life. 😎 

Kobe Port

And you know, the best place to sit and see the ocean here in Japan, is The Kobe Port.
Ever seen a harbour with a really beautiful view, where people come and play with children, pets, or even dating? Yea, it is here.

Hi guys, back again with me Elf. In this blog i just wanna share simple story, me and some of my friends, we went to Kobe Port and enjoy evening there. So the main here will be the picture we took when we were there.

Well if you want to know more about the history about Kobe Port, better ask the wikipedia guys, he knows all the detail 😎 . Here

Port of Kobe - Wikipedia


You can easily reach Kobe Port by taking the train from Osaka. I suggest take the JR line one. Well even tho you have to walk a little bit to reach there.

But that is the things here, walk and you can see that not only the port is beautiful, but also the city itself IS beautiful. 😉 

Enjoy my galleries:

Beautiful, isnt it?

And here are my friend

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘what?! You too?! I thought i was the only one’.

 😎 This one is quote from C.S. Lewis. When you are with your friends, you can laugh together, try crazy things together, sad together, just sometimes, happiness can be found in another people laughter. And you can feel happy too, just by being in their side.

All the pictures above, is when it is not too dark. But dont be mistaken, the night in this place is also beautiful. 😉 

All the pictures above are mine. Feel free to see. And as usual, here is the video, but it is not from my own video, but from my senior, he is a youtuber guys, you gonna like his channel.

SENJA DI KOBE PORT TOWER-BEST THINGTO DO IN KOBE JAPAN #kobe #kobeport #merikenpark #jepang
SENJA DI KOBE PORT TOWER-BEST THINGTO DO IN KOBE JAPAN #kobe #kobeport #merikenpark #jepangkebetulan suatu hari setelah pulang dari kondangn pernikahan teman...

Thank you guys, i think thats it for today.

See you in another story.

By  Elfboy