Semua jawaban Undersea Kuis, Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes

Ternyata ada beberapa pertanyaan kuis yang berbeda diantara semua akun. 🧐

Disini ada semua pertanyaan dan juga jawaban dari semua soal kuis Event Undersea Adventure

1. Which of the following artifacts is not available in the gloriuous temple?

The Silver Key

2. Which of the following artifacts is Dark Exclusive?

Ghost Cloak

3. Which of the following equipment is not an artifact?

Assassin Blade

4. Which of the following items is not aavailable in the guild store?

Wishing Coins

5. Which of the following items can not be consumed in the summon circle?

Core of Transcendence

6. Which of the follwing items is not for upgrading monster?


7. Where can prophet orbs be obtained?

Arena Store

8. Which is the perfect season for Eloise to enjoy a hot spring?


9. What are Penny’s braids dressed as in her infinite joy skin?

Ice Creams

10. What made Unimax-3000 the MVP?

Move fast and overwhelm the opponents

11. What is the most unbelievable ingredient in the formula of alchemy professor in magic academy?


12. By what way did Crimson Dragon Tamer manage to tame the fire dragon?

Some Snacks

13. Which of the following heroes is not armed in both hands?

Abyss Guard

14. Which of the following 10-star heroes has the most hands?

Lord of Fear Aspen

15. What is the real name of Sleepless?


16. Who is watching the dress of Starry Night – Halora?

Spotlight on the ground

17. What is being held in the hand of Heart Watcher’s Skin [Hymn to Summer] ?


18. Which of the following heroes has a skin called [Blushing Tipsy]?


19. Which of the following items is not dropped in the Campaign?

Crystal Ingot

20. In the Prophet Tree, Which of the following hero factions cannot be replaced?


21. Which of the following animals is not a monster?


22. Which hero gave SFX the bear when she was a campus idol?


23. How many spider legs are there on Nakia’s back?


24. How do the two masks around Aida rotate?

They rotate counter-clockwise

25. Which of the following heroes is Nakia’s immediate superior?


26. Who is the leader of the legendary Black Tide mercenaries?


27. Who is the doll around Annabelle based on?

Her parents

28. Which of the following difficulties does not exist in the Aspen?


29. What is in the glass of [Cleopatra], the Ace Skin of Amen-Ra?

A little white snake

30. What is the hair color of the bunny beauty by the Super Wishing Fountain?


What is the slogan of Ormus’s Workshop in the Blacksmith?

Forge Invincible Artifacts

31.What can be obtained from Wishing Fountain besides the rewards from drawing?

Lucky Coins

32.What is the bad habit Obsidian Wolf Knight has that leads to the blood stains on his cutlass?

Licking the cutlass

33.What is the highest level Sierra can reach?


34.Which of the following heroes would be interested in a pack of fine cigars?


35.Which of the following Transcendence heroes has the aspiration to be a swordsman?

Star Alchemist Holmes Young4

Neh ada juga pertanyaan yang dari event sebelumnya ya. silahkan dilihat

Have fun main Idle Heroes ya. 😁