Biwako Valley, Summer Vacation


Biwako Valley or in Japanese written びわ湖バレイ is a spot reaching altitude of 1100 meter up to the Mountain. This place is actually so famous for you guys who like to do ice skating. But, this place also open when summer.

What kind of things that you can in Summer in Biwako Valley? 😎 


How to get to Biwako Valley

So, last time i went to Biwako Valley with two of my Friends, Kiki and Desy. We went there through Kyoto Station which we found it easier and nearer and Cheaper. So, If you come from Osaka or Tokyo, i suggest you to come to Kyoto Station First.

Then find the train for Biwako, it is written there in English too, so you might not missed it, 😎 but you can ask the staff there if you really dont know. 😉 Japanese Station Staff are really kind. 😉 I suggest you take the fast train or 快速急行/Kaisokukyuukou.

Here is your destination station, 志賀駅/Siga Eki or Siga Station.

This 快速急行/Kaisokukyuukou WILL NOT STOP at Siga Station you you must stop at 堅田駅/Katata Station and take the normal train  or 普通電車/Futsuu Densya, and then go to Siga Station. ➡ 

It is about 40 minutes from Kyoto Station.

After that, get out from the Station and take left where you might find a bus that will take you to the Biwako Valley, before taking the ropeway.

(see my video below) 😎 

Please notice that it is only 1 bus in 1 hour.

The bus only have two destination, which is Siga Station and Biwako Valley Ropeway, so you may sit until the bus reach the destination. 😎 

It is about 360 Yen for adult and 180 Yen for children.



A really nice cutting edge ropeway will deliver you to the top. You have to pay about 3000 Yen if you want to go to the summit and see the beautifulness of this place. 😉


The Ropeway itself is 360 degree glass cabin, so when the weather is good, you might see the panoramic view of Biwa Lake, Kyoto and also Osaka 😀 . It takes about 6 or 7 minutes to reach the top.


I was soooo scared because sometime the cabin will shaking 😯 :mrgreen: and you know, the sensation? it feels like your heart is going to jump. Fiuhhhh, but yeah, overall i enjoyed that. 😆 

Biwako Terrace

Sooo, here we are, when you arrive at the summit, there a lot of activites that you can do. Sit and just see the panoramic View at the Biwako Terrace, play the ZipLine or Sky Walker (which have additional fees). 😀 

Ouw yea, these beautiful ladies are Kiki and Desy. (left to right).

Well, and of course, Me. Elfboy. 😎

It was kinda claudy at the top, but it was Oke..

They provide you with sofa where you can sit and gaze the panorama. Nice.

Along with Biwako Terrace, there are some restaurant that provide nice and delicious food for you guys.

Sorry about the rice, lol. I dont eat too much so Kiki take the half of my rice. 😀 It was delicious.

There are two terrace, the Grand Terrace and the North Terrace. Both will deliver to you a iconic panorama view of the Northern Lake Biwa. 

【公式サイト】びわ湖テラス The Biwako Terrace |びわ湖バレイ Biwako Valley
日本一の琵琶湖の絶景をひとりじめ。「びわ湖テラス」誕生!ロープウェイ山頂駅に隣接する「レストラン レイクビュー」横に、日本一の琵琶湖の絶景が望める「びわ湖テラス」が7月22日にオープンいたしました。滋賀県、琵琶湖を訪れる全てのお客様に楽しんで頂くため、「山岳リゾート」にこだわった唯一無二のテラス。まるで欧米リゾートのよ...

Summer Activities

Like i said before, there are ZipLine and Sky Walker which require additional fees. Beside those two, you might go here and there for free. Even take the gondola to the top, for free. It is included in the Ropeway fees. 😎 

So, i kinda afraid of height so i didn’t do the ZipLine or Sky Walker, but Kiki did that 😆 . So, here are some pictures and Videos. Thank you Kiki. 

It actually have 7 spots and you will play from the first one until the seventh one. All is about 2 hours. 

If you don’t do the ZipLine or the Sky Walker, you may just take the gondola to the top of the summit. Along the way they provide you games which is for you and your children, or your dog. Nice.

This is the Ropeway that will bring you to the top. This one is free. 😎

Bellow i will add some of my videos for you. please take your time. 😎


Additional Information

1547-1 Kido, Otsu City, Siga
Opening Hours
For Summer Season
Weekdays                      : 9:30-17:00
Weekend and Holidays  : 9:00-17:00
For Winter Season
Here they will adjusted it accordingly to the day and the weather, you might check it at the Biwako Valley Homepage for the information.
English Top - びわ湖バレイ スキー場/びわ湖テラス
Biwako Valley / The Biwako Terrace Easily accessible in just 40 minutes from Kyoto and 1 hour from OsakaOne of…

Thats it for now.

See you guys in my next blog, hope you guys happy reading my traveling blog. 😀 

Thank you…