Experience Self as a Ninja, at Nijigen No Mori, Anime park in Awaji Island

Do you know Naruto? One of Japan worldwide famous anime 😎 . Do you ever think to live as the character? Or try a ninja art?

Here in Nijigen No Mori, you can make your dream to be a Ninja become true. 😎 

The Nijigen No Mori itself is a huge area with a lot of outdoor adventure like Sinobi no sato where you may try adventure like a Ninja. There are also Shin-chan Park, and also Godzilla Park! 😮 

But, this in this blog, I just will share my story about the Sinobi no Sato or the Ninja Village.

Why? 🙄 The place is so dang huge guys, me and some of my friends went there, but we just have time in the Ninja Village, and time to eat. 😆

Yea, and the Godzilla adventure is not done yet, so it will be my next story to share with you. 😉 

Nijigen no Mori

The Nijigen no Mori is located in Awajishima Prefectural Park on Awaji Island, just southwest of Osaka , Hyogo Prefecture. Which is connected via a Brigde from Kobe to Tokusima Prefecture.

Nijigen no Mori literally translates to two-dimensional forest. Yea maybe because it is huge, and you may find a lot of attraction here.

You have to walk from the entrance to the Sinobi No Sato, which is take about 15 minutes. Yea I know it is far, so they provide you with this bus.

You can get the ticket in here,

the Information centre, the staff here are reaaaaaaly kind 😎 . They will explain to you everything about this place. Well if you understand Japanese. Hmmmmm I didn’t try speaking in English but im sure they can. 😉 

The bus ticket is about 500Yen, maybe. But the good things here, is once you buy the bus ticket, you can ride it again and again the whole day.

The Sinobi No Sato or Ninja Village

Here is the gate.

Well, it is smaller if you compare with one in the anime. 😆 

So, you have to pay the entry ticket if you want to enter the village and follow the adventure inside, it is 3300Yen for the regular entry ticket.

Why I said regular, because there are another entry ticket if you choose special adventure, which of course, you need more money for that. 😆  We didn’t try the special one, because you can try most of the adventure with the regular ticket either. Hahahaha, yea and we didn’t bring enough money for that. Sorry. 🙄 

Once you enter, your favourite character will welcome you.

The Sinobi No Sato Naruto and Boruto attraction features life-sized statues and models, like in the anime, Here,

And of course offer  activities for all visitors.

At Shinobi No Sato you can see a many Naruto and Boruto themed references, like the Hokage Rock, like in the picture above, which also there in the real Naruto Anime.The place is big too.

The Games

Naruto Athletic :Chi no Maki: In this game, you will have to overcome a trials and clear a range of activities in order to collect the missing seals – those seen in the series that are used for Sealing Jutsu.
Sasuke Maze: Ten no Maki: This game, you will get involved with courses at the Ninja Academy that Boruto graduated from. They must use their mind and body to escape the maze.

If you pay 3300, the original price like me, there will be two kind of games, the first one you will be given a scroll, with missing seal. And you have to try to find all the seals in a labirin like building. The seal will lead you to Naruto and Sasuke which standing on the top of the building said congratulation for completing the trial. The second one is also have a scroll, which you have to try to answer the correct answer, then choose the seal. Well, it was fun. Here is the pictures.

The first game

The second game

The second game, you have to find the right answer from the question and mark the right seal.

Hahaha, you can do something like that too. So much fun. 😎

Yea its kinda like that. find the question, answer and mark the right seal. 😎

The Demon Fox

And many more,

these two ladies are Kiki and Echa. 😉 


You can also find the famous Ichiraku Ramen like in the series.

In here, they dont just sell Ramen, but many more like these jus bottle.


It is 3,300yen for adult like me.
・Middle and High School Students: 1,800yen
・Children:  500yen
・Infant (4 years or less): Free of Charge
Tax is already included, because we just pay accordingly to the price written there.

Or, you can also buy it online here:



2425 Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture


Here look the picture.

We came here by Bus in the through Hyogo

Its cheaper when you go there by group 😎 

Like always here is the Video 😎 

Yup, and thats for todays blog.

Meet again in anotheer blog.


By Elfboy