Tenryuji, one of the most tranquil place you may find in Kyoto


Behold, one of the Five Greatest Zen Temple in Kyoto, and one of the World Heritage Site registered to UNESCO, Tenryuuji Temple.

Last story was when i went to Arasiyama right? Last blog is also about the Bamboo Groove in Arasiyama.

if you havent read it yet, please, take a look. 😎 


Now lets enter one of the most famous temple around Arasiyama, which is Tenryuuji Temple.

So, Tenryuji Temple or Japanese write it by 天龍寺 is the head temple of Tenryuu branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. It includes the Sogenchi Garden which will offer you a wonderful landscape with the central pond, pine and bamboo trees also Arasiyama mountain forest.

Maybe that’s why this place become one of the World Heritage Site 😎 . I don’t wanna lie, but when i came here, and sit in front of the pond, feels like i want to sit here longer and just forget about job or stress or any bad things, and just wanna let the nature filled me with grace, really. It was so tranquil, and peace. 😳 

As usual, here i will not talk much about the historical part about Tenryuuji, because you can find it in Wikipedia, hahaha 😆 

And as always, i took some picture there, please take your time.

So this place have two places that you can enter and see, it is actually the same place, but it is divided by two, the hall and the garden. And if you want to see both, which is recommended, 🙂 , oh yea, you already come this far, why don’t see both. There are two places, so you have to buy two tickets if you want to enter both. like this, in the picture.

If you just want to enter the garden , it will cost you 500Yen if you are an adult and 300Yen for your children. If you want to enter both places, which i suggest so, 😎 you have to pay 800Yen for adult and 600Yen for your children. After you buy the ticket, you can choose which to enter first, the garden or the hall. But i suggest you to go around the hall first then you can explore the garden. So its kinda like this : Hall-Garden-Bamboo Grove, because the garden itself is connected with the Bamboo Groove. 😎 

The Hall

In here, you have to take off your shoes and use slippery that has been for you. Or when there are a lot of people there, and you don’t get the slippery, you can enter with bare foot.

The Hall itself is like Japanese old big house. You can sit here and see the beautiful pond in front of you. There are no limit to how long you want to be here, so you can take your time. This place will close at 17:30 so yea, don’t be too long here. 😛 I recommend to come here early in the morning, so there are not so many people and the air is still in really really fresh.

The garden and the Hall itself like the real deal combination. Above is some pictures that i took from the Hall. It is said that this building was repeatedly lost in fires and wars over the centuries, but they really take care this place to the point that it look genuine. 😎 

The Garden

The garden itself is said created by the famous garden designer Muso Soseki, and the garden itself called Sogenchi Garden. This garden is really famous if you come around autumn/fall because you can see the Momiji. This place will be beautiful red in color and also you can see the Momiji in the mountain from here. This is Summer so i can not show you that, but, even it is summer, this place is still a nice place to visit.

They also have a restaurant here inside this garden, so please feel free to taste the food here, but not for free of course. 😛 

This place also have wisteria which will be very beautiful when autumn 😉 . Maybe i will add the picture here when i come again in autumn, lol.

The garden itself is quite big, so you can take your time here. it is cool even in summer. If you get out from the garden, you will directly enter the Bamboo Groove, another nice place to look around.

Here some of my own Videos, take your time:

I would like to say thanks to my friends here who went to this place together with me. Chelsy, Wahyu, Safuru, N…

Yea i think Tenruuji Galery is just like this. Please contact me if you want to travel around. i Like traveling.

See you guys in my next story and Galery. ciiiaaaaooooo byeee.