A Thousand Vermilion Tori Gate, Fusimiinari Shrine, Kyoto


Never been to a place full with a Japanese tori gates? Here come to Japan and visit Fusiiminari or in Japanese 伏見稲荷大社 which is located in Kyoto prefecture japan, one of the most-have to go-place here. 😎 

Hi there, its me Elfboy again. So, last time me and my friends again, we went to a famous place in Kyoto for its  VERMILION THOUSAND GATE, Fusimiinari. 😎 


It is said that this shrine is an important Shinto shrine in Southern part of Kyoto, yea and I think I know why. Maybe you will also know why, when you come to this amazing place.

So, from what I search, this shrine is dedicated to INARI, the God of Rice in Shinto belief. Here, you will see a lot of Foxes statues around the Shrine, because foxes are belief to be the messenger of the God Inari.

The Fusimiinari Shrine is actually a wooded forest mountain, stands 233 meters above the sea level, The Sacred Mount Inari.

When you come there will be a nice and huge tori standing at the entrance

And also nice building at the front,

They look so happy 😎

Foxes are everywhere. 😆 and also the whole place Map, its Hugeeee. 

Many tourist come and just stop at the front gate and taking picture, or just climb a little bit the mountain, but because it is soooo far and long journey to the top, many never finished until the top, and just go back. 🙄


Well you need around 2-3 hours if you want to go to the top of this Shrine. And of course you have to come back again. 😆 Unfortunately there is no such a thing like elevator to the top, it was allllll stairs. But, that’s the fun thing there.
This time i went there with two of my friends, Wahyu and Sahrul. Nice guys. 😎 
Sahrul (left) and Wahyu (right), these pictures is also taken in Fusiiminari Shrine. 😎
Here are some other picture that you can take if you come here 😎

We were determined and decided to climb to the summit and we really did that 😆 , it was sooo tiring and fun at the same time. 😎

If you feel like you are tired when climbing, don’t worry, there are a lot of resting area there, and also some small restaurant provide water and some local dishes like Kitsune Udon (some kind of noodle), Inari Susi (Inari rice ball), Fried tofu, or many more. But I think you will need water more than anything else. 😆 If you come in Winter, maybe a warm Kitsune Udon will be the best choice.

Here is the biggest intersection that you will find when you climb the Shrine, it called Yotsutsuji Intersection. You will arrive here after climbing about 30 minutes, without resting.

Like in the picture above, here you can here a nice view of Kyoto City.

From here, the trail will be split into three brances, one of them is just more Shrine if you climb. The other two is a circular route to the top or the summit, which means whichever route you take, it will take you to the summit, and bring you back to this Yotsutsuji Intersention.

Many many tourist just stop here because they are tired. Yea I know how the feel is. Please have some food before climbing this Shrine. 😎 

My Videos for you guys, please take your time. Taken by Me and Wahyu. Sahrul enjoying his time traveling. 😎


To find Fusimiinari, it is not a difficult thing. From Kyoto Station, find JR Nara Line and take the ordinary train, not the rapid one. In about five minutes you will arrive at Fusimiinari Station.

Or you can go by Keihan Line too.

Still confuse, then you can ask the train staff there.


Fusimiinari do not have closing days, so it just open everyday. Maybe you will not be allowed to climb at night tho. 😆 

There is no fee to enter this Shrine.

Well you need money 10Yen to pray, or some Yen if you want to by souvenir or some Kitsune Udon.


Well, that’s all about my Fusimiinari Blog. See you in my next traveling Blog. Ciaaaoooo