One city, with a lot of sightseeing spot, Maitsuru-Kyoto, Japan.


Not just few, in this place you can actually have a lot of place to see, if you have enough time to do so. 😎 

Get from the website that i see on the internet, that you have 15 sites to see in this city, here is the website.

It turns out, there are more that 15 there, right? So, i decided to go there, the planning was to go around and see as many as i can, but the things is,  15 places in one day is nearly imposible 😆 , haha so here are some places that i managed to go, and i can share to you guys.

First, lets talk about Maitsuru.


Maitsuru City or in Japanese written by 舞鶴/まいつる, is mostly a sea-side City. Located in south-central Japan. This place took a really important place when the war. i think the same too because when the car parked, the first thing that i saw was the military ship.

Currently this city is a district headquarter for the Maritime Military Defence Force. 💡 

So, enough with the explanation there.

First are first, i came here for travelling and picture  taking, so lets go to the story. First thing that i want to do here, was, riding the tourist ship, so i did 😎 ,

I suggest you to take the reservation in the internet before you go here. They priority the reservation one. I arrive there at 9am, and the ticket until 1pm is already sold out. 😮 

And, one thing. The tourist boat price is 1300Yen. So here is my tip.

There is a coupon there they sell at 1300yen, but with the coupon, you can ride the boat, enter the museum, have some discount at the merchandise shop, and many more. 😉

Here is the coupon.


Maizuru Brick Park

This whole place building is actually using the brick you will see them standing anywhere in here. 😉 

Recently, this place has become one of Maizuru’s new tourist destinations. There is a restaurant and a souvenir shop on the 1st floor of Building. Of course, you may use the coupon for 1000Yen discount.  😉 

Tourist Boat

In here, you will ride a boat (not the military one , i really thought i might ride the big one tho, 😆 ) and taken around the place while see the military ships, also hearing some explanation from the staff.

The feeling is good. If you interest in Maritime Ship, then this is your place.

Brick Museum

The entry price is 400Yen, but, if you bought the coupon that i show you above, it is free to enter.


This place is for some people who interest in bricks, leftover from the war. I found this museum worthed. 😎 I loved how the curators explain the brick, not only in Japanese, but also in English.

Not only bricks, the museum also displaying the mini version of some famous building.

But, for me the museum is too small 🙄 , it didn’t feel like i was entering a museum, but the things that being displayed here is worth to see. For someone who have interest in bricks, then, take your time. 😉 

And as usual, my video:

Thats it for today, there is mooooore places that you can visit here, but i just didn’t get the chance to see all places yet, maybe someday in the future. Thank you for always reading my travel blog, will share more story and pictures with you guys. See more of my travelling blog here:

Annd many moreee, Ciaoooo.. Byeee 😉