Wanna taste Balinese Food in Osaka? Why don’t you try here!

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For you guys who want to try Asian, especially Balinese Food, read this, cuz i my self really recommended this place. Who don’t want to have the chance to try Balinese Original Food with original taste when you are in Japan.? 😎 

Well i know you can actually go to Bali, and try every kind of food there, but, you can actually taste it while having fun in Japan, especially Osaka. 😀 

So, this place is quite famous, named Ubud Suci. For people who already been in Bali, of course already know about Ubud, right? yeah, the restaurant name is Ubud Suci, located in Osaka, near Sinsaibashi or Namba.

Well you can actually find the restaurant easily with the help of the one who know everything, Mr. Google, lol. 😆 It is also located not far from the main street so, you can easily find it. Namba or Sinsaibashi is also the place which always full with people who want to do shopping, food-hunting, or just for taking pictures, so the place is actually really strategies. And also, it is not far from the train station.


Nice point here, the nearest the place to the train station, it will be easier for people to access it.

I am going to show you which route that i always pick, when i want to go there. From this sentence i think you can already suggest that i often go to this restaurant, and yeah, you are right. lol 😆 

I’m not living in Osaka, so i always go to Umeda Station first, then Sinsaibasi/Namba if i want to go to this restaurant. After arrive in Umeda, find the Midotsuji Subway Station, which is located near right bellow Umeda station. It has red colour as it mark, you you will easy to get it, i think. After that get in the train which has Namba as it destination. But the thing here is, don’t get down at Namba okey, you should stop at Sinsaibashi, one station before Namba. Well of course you may stop at Namba if you have another plan to do before have lunch or dinner at Ubud Suci.

When you stop at Sinsaibashi Station, get out from gate number 7, it is the nearest to the restaurant.

When you get back to the surface, 😆 you will find shopping Center, this place called Amerika Mura or in English it will be Amerika Village? kinda thing. You can get around this place before come to the restaurant. I don’t really know why they called this place like that, but maybe becuz this place sell a lot of non-Japan branded clothes? maybe. I am not really fancy shopping at this place, but, why don’t you check? you might find something that you like, who know. Nice place tho.

Oke, lets get to the main part. like in the picture, from the outside you can see some of the menu that the restaurant prepare for you. The place is actually bellow a Hotel-kinda building, some might think that this is the Hotel entrance, but please, see the board there. 😆 There is no Hotel with food menu board put outside the entrance right? From the outside, you can actually see and feel the Balinese emotion all over your body, lol 😆 . But, yea, it is designed good and really comfy. 😉 

I don’t really have the chance to take all the interior of this place, cuz i was really starving, 😆 and really wanna eat fast, lol. But one thing that i can say is this place is quite big, and you can choose where do you want to eat. You can choose to sit on the chair and eat, place for just two people, a room for party, place we called Lesehan, where you sit on the floor and eat like Indonesian, or even eat at the balcony on second floor. Where ever you eat, you will find Balinese part there, and also the music make you feel like, ouw yea i am relaxing in Bali, kinda feelin. Which is nice. 😎 

After you sit, there will be a menu there. It will be a lot of pictures if i put it one by one, so please watch this video, you can pause if it too fast. 😉 

After you decided the food, there is no bell-kinda machine there like in other restaurant, or you don’t have to call for the staff, just ring this bell. Kinda funny cuz all the people will look you after you do this. Yea i don’t know but that is the feeling i always get. 😆 

Then the staff will come, and you can order.

You don’t have to wait long for the staff becuz they will come right after you ring the bell. 😎 

The staff here, they are really friendly and always smile, which is also the plus point from this place.

They also can speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese, so you wont find difficulties when talking with them.



Now, let me show you what i ordered here. I cant just order all the food here tho, please understand, lol. Don’t have  that much money, beside my stomach is not build-ed for eating.

Pork roll

This is one of the famous dishes in Bali. Balinese called this by Babi Guling or spit-roasted suckling pig. One of my favourite dishes, the skin is also stick on the meat, so you can taste the crunchiness from the skin and and the tenderness from the meat itself. Tender and delicious with perfect crackling, the pigs roasted in Bali often weigh 6kg-8kg, for additional information, 😎 lol. . The traditional method of making this dish is to rub the cavity with a mixture of spices and sometimes tapioca leaves, then rub the skin with turmeric juice before roasting. Not like in Bali which you can see the whole pig, in this restaurant they don’t display the whole roasted pig. But for the taste, it is one of a kind. 😎 

Pork Ribs

This one is also my favourite. i don’t actually like ribs because the meat is so hard, and you have to chew the meat, until your teeth feel like fall over your mouth. But in this restaurant you don’t have to do that and you wont feel that, because the meat is sooo tender that it actually fall over from the ribs itself. I don’t know how they cooked it, but what i know is, it is deliciousooo. Recommended. 😉 

Fish Soup

The soury and the Indonesian/Balinese herbs and spices from the soup, it will really change your mood into relaxing mood, lol. But it is really really good. for people who doesn’t like sour food, maybe you can try other food. But why don’t you try? it is not only sour tho. Every taste is in here. 😉 


One of Bali’s most iconic dishes, lawar literally means “thinly sliced” or “finely chopped”, and consists of chopped meat and vegetables mixed together with fragrant spices and herbs.  It is often spicy, so if you don’t really into the spicy thing, please ask so they don’t give / reduce the level of spiciness.

Nasi Campur/Mixed Rice

This one is also one of the most popular Indonesian dishes. It consists of a heap of rice and a variety of side dishes, ingredients, and condiments. Yea you hear me right, It is not a Bali-exclusive term; it’s more of an Indonesian thing. But of course, Bali Nasi Campur is one of the delicious one. Balinese nasi campur usually consists of rice (obviously), some meat, lots of veggies, and the obligatory sambal. In this case i got Babi Guling, some meat, some veggies and kripik or chips. For you who want to eat a lot of dishes, you can try this. One plate for many dishes.

Crab shell Noodle Soup

This one dish is not really Balinese dish, becuz you may find this dish in any other places. But of course, the spices are a little bit different, it is Balinese by the way. The name is Crab shell, but when i ate it, it was not just the shell, you can also find the crab meat there. The lacking thing here, is crab shell was not really crispy, i thought it would be more crispy so i also eat the shell, but it was soft and mushy? so you cannot eat them all. But it was good. The soup, you can taste the crab from the soup itself, overall i liked it.

So, it was all that i ordered and i ate, it was really nice, really enjoyed the place.

Hi, introduce here is the master of the restaurant, Named Nyoman. He is like in the picture, very smiley and very nice person.

And if you are asking for the prices, it is not a cheap dishes, but it is also not the very expensive one. it is worth the price, nice place and also the services, soo good. i am recommended this place for you who travel in Japan especially in Osaka, while want to try some Balinese food.

I will give some review about other places too, so stay tune..Pasar Hope!



By Elfboy@English担当