Amazing Indonesian Nurses and Careworker in Japan


My partner KuroWanko, wrote an amazing blog about Indonesian worker especially Health Care Worker in Japan. Kurowanko really feel grateful and wrote this blog, so i, Elfboy,  decided to make this in English so people can read this. Well my English is not 100% great either but yeah, be kind, thank you. lol

There was e news 英雄として送り出されたインドネシア人看護師、10年とどまれた理由or Reason why Indonesian sent Nurses to Japan, and already be there for about 10 years. here is the news that KuroWanko read, unfortunately it is in Japanese, so i decided to add another articles for you to read in English. It is different but the thema is same.

Japan's foreign nurses: disinformation, lack of support shows struggle for new arrivals - The Mainichi
TOKYO -- Japan first started actively accepting nurses from other countries more than 11 years ago, when the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with
Foreign Care Workers in Japan: A Policy Without a Vision
Japan will lower specific immigration barriers this year to ease a projected shortage of professional care workers for the elderly. A health sociologist draws ...


The content of the article is 、

Yusuf, Indonesian Nurse. Through Indonesian Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, has been living alone here in Japan for about 10 years, even his other friends have been go back to Indonesia.「What is my purpose of living here, said Yusuf. Even making Japan as his own hometown.


And then, we actually know that the who read our Blog, or even using our Pasar Hope! site, is nonetheless, these amazing nurses and care worker from Indonesia.

Japanese is very hard!

KuroWanko asked me a lot about this EPA program, and i told him all that i know about it. Well, i am one of those EPA. it was really a challenge if you really want to come and work as Nurse or Care Worker in Japan. We bring our dream which is we want to make our life better, that dream, we bring it with us when we decided to come here.We got separated from our families or the one we love, just to change our future.

And, the thing here is, we do not speak Japanese at all, so we have to undergo Japanese lesson, which is for me, a though one. But since we want to work here, we have to.

Japanese is one of the most difficult language out there, and KuroWanko realized that, so KuroWanko really appreciate EPA.

KuroWanko is originally Japan, and even so, when Kurowanko teach Japanese to their kids, sometime Kurowanko find a new word, same words but different meaning, so Kurowanko know how hard for Indonesian to learn japanese.


In the article, Yusuf also said 、

「In daily word, we say『むくむ/mukumu』which mean swollen. But in a report it change to 『浮腫(Fushuu)』which also mean swollen。And also 「褥瘡(Jokusou)which mean decubitus」which He doesn’t know before he learn about it。And also sometime feel loneliness because he cant communicate well with the other colleagues .

So, when study Japanese, on top of that they also have to study about special words that they have to use when working.

So EPA, from Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine they have to live here while「thingking about everyday life+language+Job+National test」, try to overcome those 4 things.

Want to Cherish those People

Inside the article, Yusuf also said. When he being asked, why choose Japan?, he replied that there are a lot Japanese product in Indonesia and even from kid, he already told that if you wanna buy something, buy the one from Japan. Which is i, ElfBoy as an Indonesian too, really do agree with Yusuf, because if you are talking about quality,  i think product from Japan is like one of the best. No offense to the other but really, do trust me. 

Well its true that there are a lot of new brand from fridge, TV, etc which is not from Japan. But, really, when you using Japan product, well Oke, it might be more expensive, but the durable is out of question. I, ElfBoy do believe, that why that is the reason why there are a lot of Japanese product in Indonesia, or maybe in another country too.

And Kurowanko which is Japanese, when heard that, really feel happy. And sometimes, when heard news about places who don’t really appreciate those EPA, feel really mad. Indonesian trust our product and cherish it even if it is a thing, why we as Japanese can not do the same thing, to human.We should really appreciate each other, and help each other, we are the one who need their human power, we should have more respect, said Kurowanko. I, Elfboy, so happy when i heard that, and i also feel the same, that we should work together to achieve better future, and also have respect to each other. 

That is why Kurowanko decided to do what Kurowanko can, which is writing these articles. Just wanna help foreigner who are living in Japan, to share information. Like previous articles about how to make My Number Card, etc. which is i, Elfboy really feel guided. Thank you.


In the last part of the article, Yusuf also said、

I dont know Japanese 10 years ago, but now i know. and i can speak Japanese.
I cant wite and read Kanji 10 years ago, but now i can.
I dont know Japanese culture 10 years ago, but now i know.
I passed the national examination, working here as a Nurse, and take my family to live here with me in Japan.
I really like Japan, and it would be nice if i can live here as long as i want.
I already feel that Japan is my 2’nd Hometown.


Very nice word.

Me, Elfboy and also Kurwanko want to make Pasar Hope! as a site that can help a lot of people like Yusuf, and other foreigner who are working and living in Japan.

Be Happy and Healthy everyone…. 😎