How to get stamina in Story of Seasons : Pioneers of Olive Town


At the very beginning you will be provided with total of 10 hearts. That is our stamina. For new player, stamina will be the thing that limited your progression in the game.😣


Like you will be faint🤢 for just doing some mining or logging, when you still have to water your crops and also take care the animal.🥺

As long as the game progress, you will collect some small sprites, and when you collect certain number of sprites, it will be a scene and event which allow you to add your stamina.

There are 3 ways to add your stamina here in Story of Seasons : Pioneers of Olive Town 💖💖💖

Play with the sky sprites

After you collect about 60 sprites, the next day when you get out of your home, there will be a cutscene. Some plant, I think it is kinda beans, it will grow tall and get through the cloud.

And you will follow the sprites and meet the sky sprite, which will let you play a mini game.

In this game, you will have to plow some soil, the hint is don’t🙅‍♂️ hit the beans/plants. There are total 3 rounds in this game, and at the very beginning of each round you will be shown place that the beans/plants are, so you have to remember the location of each plants and try not to plow them out. The time will be decreasing each time you plow the plants.

Get 55-60 points in this game and you will get 2 extra stamina.💖💖😍

I try my best to remember the location of the sprout, the first and the second round is still Okay, but the third one, there are too many sprouts.😂

So, its kinda cheating but I take my phone with me, take picture at the beginning of the round, and then plow the soil while looking at the picture that I took.🧐

Play with the magma/earth sprites

Perhaps this will be the most difficult one, when you want to get the additional heart.😕

In the second mine, dig until you arrive in the 30’th floor. Here you will meet magma sprite, and like the sky sprite, it will provide you with a mini game.

In this mini game, you have to collect as many gems or ore as possible before the time run out, or you run out your stamina.😵

The more valuable the ore/gems are, the more point you will get.🙋‍♂️

When you play this mini game, your stamina will be fixed to 10, even if you have more than that when you play.

If you happened to get 4000 points in this game, you will be rewarded 2 extra hearts.

Hint, try to upgrade your hammer into gold if you want to do this mini game easier.👨‍🔧
Hint 2, don’t waste time hitting the stone rock, but try to hit gems because they give you more point.🙋‍♂️

Pray at the Goddess shrine

After you collect about 100 of the sprites, the small mysterious child will turn into a Goddess. Then you can pray at the shrine for the stamina.

In this shrine you can get to 6 additional hearts💖💖. The first one will cost about 10 sprite coin for 2 hearts,

then 20 sprite coin for additional 2 hearts,

and last 40 sprite coin for additional 2 hearts.

After you unlock the shrine, you can get them all, considering at the time you will already have 100 sprite coins.

If you get all three of it, you will get total of 20 hearts, which will help you progress the game easier by a lot.

Well I think that is for now. hope it helps you guys

Byeee for now!🙋‍♂️ Have Fun playing Story of Seasons : Pioneers of Olive Town